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Frequently Asked Questions 



Does Bird's Eye View, LLC operate legally? 

Yes! All of our pilots are part 107 certified by the FAA for the legal operation of small Unmanned Aerial Systems(sUAS), also knows as drones. All of our drones are also registered with the FAA, and we operate following all Part 107 guidelines. 


Is Bird's Eye View, LLC insured?

Yes! Our company operations are insured by Hill & Usher, Aerial Pak for $1,000,000 base coverage & $2,000,000 aggregate.


What areas do you service?

We are willing to go wherever we need in order to complete a project. 


How long can you fly?

Depending on which drone we are operating from, flight times vary from 15 to 30 minutes per battery.


How high can you fly?

FAA regulations limit drone operations to 400 feet in altitude and our platforms must remain in the line of sight of the operators at all times. 


What kind of weather conditions can you fly in?

Bird's Eye View can not operate in any form of precipitation or in winds above 25 mph. For optimum results, we prefer the wind under 15 mph. We can fly in temperatures ranging from just below freezing at 20 degrees up to a maximum of 100 degrees Fahrenheit


What about bad weather?

We typically schedule our projects to take place in optimum lighting and weather conditions.  If a project’s scheduled time encounters weather related issues Bird's Eye View will schedule a new appointment at no additional cost.


What kind of flight restrictions do you have?

Bird’s Eye View will not operate…

- At night

- Out of the direct line of sight of the pilot

- Near airports

- Near any full sized aircraft in any form

- Directly over crowds

- Any closer than 25 feet of any structure


Do you provide editing?

Yes, we provide basic editing such as color correction, rotating and cropping to all photography projects at no additional cost.  Our team can provide further photo and video editing on projects for an additional editing fee as this is not included in our original quote unless discussed. 


How long does editing take?

Basic photo editing will usually be completed in about 48 hours. More advanced editing ranges from 3 to 5 business days or longer depending on the complexity of the project.  If you have a specific due date or need for your project, simply inform our team during the initial consultation and we'd be happy to accommodate your needs. 


How long do maps, point-clouds or 3d models take to produce?

Every project is dramatically different and a general production time is difficult to predict.

Please contact us directly for an estimate for your project.


Is Bird's Eye View, LLC Hiring?

Yes! If you are interested in joining the Bird's Eye View team provide us with a copy of your resume, a brief description of yourself and how you think you can help Bird's Eye View. 

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