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sUAS Training & Consulting

Standard 3-Day Course (24 Hours)


  • Our standard course is designed as an Intro to sUAS Systems and 107 Test Prep Course. It features 2 full days of classroom instruction focused on providing potential pilots with all of the basic information needed to operate safely in the United States National Airspace System and to receive their sUAS 107 Certification from the FAA. Topics covered include how to receive your Certification, reading Aeronautical Charts, Airspace Classifications, Official Sources for Information for sUAS Pilots, and a general look at the entire sUAS industry.  

  • The 3-day course also contains one day of hands-on flight training. Potential sUAS pilots will go through a variety of exercises designed to increase familiarity with operating a sUAS System. Systems provided to students vary depending on program goals and budget. Typically, pilots learn to fly on the DJI Phantom 4 Pro.


Specialized 5-Day Course (40 Hours)


  • If standard training doesn't go far enough, our team has experience in crafting customized sUAS workshops to further prepare pilots in specific applications or disciplines. Bird's Eye View has provided an extended 40-hour course to multiple organizations and will spend the time with you to discuss your specific needs and program goals, and how it can be executed.   

  • Our extended 5-days course features 3 full days of classroom instruction. The first two days cover all of the information that the Intro to sUAS Systems course does, with an additional third day of classroom work focus on industry-specific information. Topics vary from a deeper look at the legalities of sUAS systems at a state level to using photogrammetry to generating 3D point clouds.


  • The 5-day course typically contains two days of hands-on flight training. Potential sUAS pilots will continue to go through a variety of exercises designed with increased difficulty and sophistication directly related to the pilot's intended use of the sUAS. 

Bird's Eye View provides student training through Ithaca College and standardized professional training at the Monroe Community College and multiple other colleges in the area. Please visit their web pages for more information or Contact Us directly for a customized training package that fits your specific needs.


We've provided training to representatives of a variety of organizations and through a number of colleges. Some of these organizations include... 

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